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Brand Identity

Knight Frank
Location Branding

Proposed Name: Aquavetro

The Story

Aquavetro, where water meets glass. Where the river meets the sky. Where history meets the future. Where classic style meets bold ambition. This is Dublin as you know it and Dublin as you could only ever imagine it.


Right in the centre of the city, where roads, railways and waterways converge, Aquavetro brings together the practicalities of the perfect location and the promise of limitless possibilities.


Yes, this will be Dublin’s tallest building, and the skyline will have a dramatic new focal point. But more than that, architecture will have a new benchmark, downtown will have an added buzz and the city will have a striking new symbol of progress, modernity and dreams becoming real.



The isometric triangular symmetry of the identity is designed to reflect the tower footplate. The teardrop image represents the skyline facade of the building reflected, and is also symbolic of water.


Standing tall, mirroring this lofty structure, platinum finishes against a black backdrop dramatically reinforce the deluxe aspect of this quality development.


Platinum is a symbol of strength, durability and purity – a worthy representation befitting distinguished tenants likely to attract to this prime central location.