Anthony Slevin - Creative Anthology | Malta – National Identity
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Brand Identity, Campaign

Malta – National Identity


Based on the important history and culture of Malta I have created a strong colourful visual identity. It reflects an important past through a modern design that helps to see Malta in a new light. The new logo has been designed from the Maltese Cross, Malta’s civil ensign. It has been stylised to create a striking fresh and modern mark. It comprises of the 4 arms of the cross each a seperate colour to signify the sun, sea, sand and land all common elements which funnel down into 3 points, each representative of Gozo, Comino and Malta. The fluid movement within the logo visually suggests people celebrating the beauty of Malta and its scenery. The centre of the logo contains a red arm which is also representative of both the national flag and the heart of the mediterranean while also maintaining a symettrical pattern, a distinguishing feature from the Maltese cross.


We have designed a fresh and strong colour palette to create a dynamic and modern representation of Malta and what it has to offer its tourists. These variations allow a subtle depth to be created within the identity.