Anthony Slevin - Creative Anthology | Malta Tourism Authority – Brand Identity
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Brand Identity, Campaign


Malta Tourism Authority – Brand Identity


With this identity, we’ve created a celebration of everything that Malta offers a visitor, and expressed it in a way that both surprises and satisfies. This is the spirit of

Malta reflected in modern design.


While striking and vibrant, this identity is rooted strongly in Malta’s rich history and culture. Yes, it’s fresh and exciting. But it’s also familiar. Because all the elements existed, they were already part of Malta’s DNA.


As you can see, the design is based on the Maltese Cross, Malta’s civil ensign. To each arm of the stylized cross we’ve applied one of the colours from the traditional Luzzu – red, yellow, blue and green – which also represent sun, sand, sea and land; All common elements which funnel down into 3 points, each representative of Gozo, Malta & Comino.


The fluid movement that’s there when these elements are combined visually suggests people coming together to enjoy the life and the beautiful scenery of the archipelago.


Each of the three islands can be assigned a colour, with red always at the centre, representing the country’s flag and Malta’s place at the heart of the Mediterranean.


Importantly, this new identity is symmetrical, a distinguishing feature of the Maltese Cross it’s based on.


While the strong, fresh colour palette is borne of the concept,

it also presents Malta in a way that’s dynamic and modern.

Even at a glance, this new identity shows the diversity of what

Malta has to offer.


What each of the four colours represents is recognised all over

the world.


Red represents passion, energy and strength.


Yellow is associated with joy, happiness and, of

course, sunshine.


Blue, the colour of the sky and sea, is often associated

with tranquillity and calmness.


Green symbolises growth, harmony and freshness.

Passion, energy, strength, happiness, tranquility, freshness…


Encompassed by our new tagline – Malta, more than we can tell.